Our first product is one which solves the historically mundane process of decorative wall painting in buildings. Typically, more than 80% of a paint job in fresh constructions as well as repainting is repetitive and requires minimal to almost no skill to complete. We are building an autonomous wall painting robot that can work alongside a professional painter to do the tiresome work effortlessly.

Unbelievably Fast!

WALT can paint walls up-to 30 times faster than an average painter at a speed of about 60 sqft./min.

Easy Control!

WALT works from an app with intuitive controls that allows painters to master it in less than a week.

Quick Set-Up!

WALT is modular, which makes it very convenient to transport, assemble and operate within a site.

Amazing Finish!

WALT sprays paint at a constant speed while correcting itself for any physical perturbation on site.

WALT 1.0 is currently operational through StroX – Automated Painting Services, our end-to-end enterprise painting service for real estate developers and construction firms.