Do you sell these robots?
No. We are currently developing the robot that will be a disruption for global painting businesses, real estate developers and construction firms. However, our first generation robots are being used as part of our flagship enterprise painting service to deliver unmatched speed and superior quality at extremely affordable prices.
What all can your robot do?
Our product can apply coats of all brands of interior wall primer and all brands of emulsion paints.
What heights can your robot paint up to?
It can handle heights from 8ft to 14ft.
What about architecture related complexities in the interiors of buildings?
Our robot can handle a wide range of interior complexities. For more details please request for a demo.
Can your robot do everything from start to end by itself?
WALT is a collaborative tool that assists a painter in doing a faster job in an efficient manner. While it can do over 50% of the work by itself, a whole range of activities on site warrant the skill and supervision of humans.
How long would it take an average painter to learn and use the robot effectively?
Since the robot is controlled through a simple Android app, it would take no longer than 1 day to learn how to use the robot. In a span of one week anyone can start using the robot effectively on site.
Won't painters lose their jobs?
The construction Industry is reeling with lack of skilled manpower globally. Anyone in the field will corroborate this finding. While skilling is key, technology is vital. Our solution allows workforce to commission large chunks of mundane work to a relentless robot and while they spend their time in doing meticulous parts of the job, artistic designs, overall project planning and of course impressing their customers. In essence, we provide authentic skill, more meaningful employment and dignity of work to painters instead of making them mindless machines.
Does your technology have alternative use cases?
Different aspects of our technology can be used for a wide range of applications within construction, community automation and smart city management. We are open to exploring interesting problems with a global potential that fall within our focus areas.
What other sectors are you looking to enter?
While our chief sector of operation is construction, our vision is to be more problem specific than sector specific. Problems that have far reaching socio-economic consequences invigorate our passion. We are actively looking out for domain experts and industry leaders to expose us to niche problems that can be solved using intelligent mobile robots.